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      Global Service Network

      Marathon motors and generators are built and sold worldwide. To support you, our customer, we have warranty and service professionals in key geographic regions ready to assist with:

      • Helping to identify a service or repair option
      • Coordinate any repair that may be needed
      • Answer questions in regard to a product
      • Provide technical data or connection drawings
      No matter where the Marathon motor or generator may have been built, our service professionals will work to provide you the same level of service you would expect as if you had purchased our product locally.

      Note:  Please refer to http://www.marathonelectric.com/index.jsp for information in regard to purchase of new or replacement products.

      Region Service Contact Phone Number Email
      Australia & New Zealand David Priestley +64 9 820 3550 david.priestley@regalbeloit.com
      Brazil Jose Araujo 55 54 3324 9600 jose.araujo@regalbeloit.com
      Canada Tara Griffin 519 364 6024 tara.griffin@regalbeloit.com
      China (Mtr) Lidia Wang +86 510-81831663 Li.Wang@regalbeloit.com
      China (Gen) Hanson Hu +86 21 36519890 zhhu@shmgec.com
      Dubai Mark Williams 0031 26 3541 600 mark.williams@regalbeloit.com
      Europe Wim Bruil +31 (0) 545 464 647 bruil@rotor.nl
      Europe Igor Iamartino +39 02 94435440 igor.iamartino@regalbeloit.com
      India Subir Kanti Mazumdar + subir.kantimazumdar@marathonelectric.com
      Mexico Erick Luna   erick.luna@regalbeloit.com
      Central America & Caribbean Arnoldo Tapia 52 81 5000 7900 arnoldo.tapia@regalbeloit.com
      South America (outside Brazil) Arnoldo Tapia 52 81 5000 7900 arnoldo.tapia@regalbeloit.com
      South East Asia David Priestley +64 9 820 3550 david.priestley@regalbeloit.com
      South Africa Brian Campbell +27 11 453 1930 brian.campbell@regalbeloit.com
      United States US Service Team 800 254 4207 rbcservice@regalbeloit.com

      If you have a need outside of the above regions, please visit the Service & Support sections of our Motor and Generator pages for more details. Alternatively, please feel free to contact our US Service Team who will work to identify the best service option for you.