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      上海馬拉松.革新電氣有限公司(以下簡稱“公司”)是美國雷科達集團和上海電氣集團旗下的上海機電股份有限公司共同投資的合資企業,成立于1996年。 公司引進美國馬拉松發電機的設計和制造工藝技術,生產具有國際先進水平、具有安全性和可靠性的無刷單、三相交流同步發電機(發電機容量從5KW—3000KW,電壓范圍從110V-13800V),廣泛應用于數據中心、應急電源車、鐵路、工礦、醫院、船舶、冷藏集裝箱、郵電通訊、港機及國家重點工程等。公司依托自身的產品線、工程、項目管理和服務專業知識,為解決客戶最緊迫的挑戰提供合適的標準和定制化方案,以提升客戶的全球競爭力。




      Marathon Generator, owned by RegalRexnord Corporation, is a well-known generator brand in the world.

      Shanghai Marathon-Gexin Electric Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established in 1996 between RegalRexnord Corporation and Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co., Ltd.  Marathon-Gexin introduced the design and manufacturing technology of Marathon products to produce brushless synchronous 1-phase and 3-phase generators from low voltage to high voltage with the international advanced level (The specification capacity is from 5KW to 3000KW, Voltage range from 110V to 13800V). Products are widely used in data centers, emergency power supply vehicles, railway, industrial and mining, hospital, ship, refrigerated container, post and telecommunications, port machinery and the national key projects, etc. Marathon-Gexin relies on its product line, engineering, project management and service expertise to improve customers' global competitiveness by providing the suitable standards and customized solutions to solve the most pressing challenges.

      Marathon-Gexin has passed ISO quality system certification and is a Technology Center in Baoshan District, as well as a High-Tech enterprise and a "Specialized, Special & New" enterprise, which obtained 39 patent certifications. Export products are recognized by US UL, European CE and Canadian CSA; Marine products have passed the type approval of China Classification Society CCS and China Fishery Ship Inspection Bureau ZY, also obtained the factory approval of Russian RS, American ABS and French BV classification society. The products are exported to the USA, Canada, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

      Shanghai Marathon-Gexin Electric Co., Ltd is committed to providing excellent one-stop product solutions for global customers, realizing the overall operating efficiency of products efficiently and energy-savingly, and creating a better tomorrow together.